Like many women, I dreamed of walking down the aisle at my fairytale wedding and falling into the arms of the man who’d love me for a lifetime and we would spend a lifetime together raising a family.

Now, of course, having a successful career was on my goal list. And by age 30, I’d checked that goal off my list. The only problem was, my “perfect” husband and children had not yet arrived.

Now, I’m not saying I was alone. You see, I’d met a man I thought was the “one.” It turns out he was a frog who after even 10 years of kisses never turned into my prince.

After enduring years of physical and emotional abuse, I found the strength to take my adopted son and leave. I thought taking that painful step would end the nightmare, however, it had just begun.

He dragged me through divorce court battles. He stalked me. He used the telephone to torment me. He watched my every move.

My soul screamed. My heart bled. I wallowed in loneliness, frustration, and desperation before deciding to hire a therapist and stop waiting for him to give me my life back …

I had to take it back.

You see, I’m not telling you this story because I want you to feel pity or sorrow for me. I’m sharing this story to let you know no matter where you are emotionally, physically and spiritually, you still have the power to look within and recover the best version of you.

As the founder of Suddenly Single Coaching, I’ve been where you are and have coached other women through painful breakups. After earning a master’s degree in psychology and undergoing years of therapy myself, I discovered this:

The breakthrough comes when you recover your self-worth and truly bask in the glory of YOU. And that’s what I’m here to help you do.

Listen to what one of my clients had to say:

Deb has been a blessing for helping me to cope with the loss of my relationship. She offers positive and uplifting advice for women dealing with heartbreak! 6 months after my breakup, and I am still finding encouragement from Deb. -Nat Nichole

Deb just wanted to let you know how you have helped me. I used to think nobody could understand the craziness that was going on in my life. However, being in your group has helped me see I am not alone in any form or fashion. The stories are different for everybody but the pain is exactly the same. The truth is there just aren’t any answers for what happens. Not any that would make any sense.

I appreciate the time Deb that you have taken to speak with me on the phone, the research you did and the time you put in on the group. I could not have gotten this far without and THANK YOU just doesn’t seem to be enough but girl it’s all I got. So thank Deb for what you do!!! -Deborah Miller-Anderson

Now, it’s your turn. Let me take you back to the time when you enjoyed the FUN YOU. I realize “Suddenly Single” is not a sisterhood any of us willingly joined.

But now that you’re here … let me show you how to make the most of it. Click here now so we can talk.