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Whether you’re wallowing in the hurt of a divorce or fearful of moving forward after a tumultuous breakup, you can trust me to help you rebuild your life and love YOU again. For 90 glorious minutes, we’ll explore current and past factors contributing to your pain and broken heart.

Together, we’ll develop a grief recovery plan to put you back on track to a better, happier YOU.

You can schedule one coaching session or a series of five sessions if you’re struggling with a deeper issue.

Warning: Due to the extensive time and attention I devote to each of my one-on-one clients, I only book a limited number of Breakthrough Coaching Sessions each month. If you’re having a rough time getting over the break-up blues, let me help you find the FUN you. It’s time you laugh, love and, most of all, enjoy life again.

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Need someone to talk to immediately? Complete the form below, and we will contact you within 24 hours to book a private 90-minute Crisis Session. During these sessions, I’ll reach out my virtual hand to you and devise an action plan to mend your broken heart.


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