www.eastwoodentrepreneur.com Divorce coach. Blog post on setting SMART goals to help with your recovery.

Many people do not achieve their dreams is because they do not set goals. It may not seem important but if you really want something, it is critical that you set a goal. One goal system that works well is the SMART system.

S: Specific. I want to spend more time on self-care. This is not specific. A specific goal might be I want to spend 30 minutes a day on self-care.

M: Measurable: Last week you meant to spend time being nice to yourself. This week, you have scheduled 30 minutes a day on self-care. That is progress!

A: Achievable: If spending time on self-care means taking a bath. This week take a bath with bath bomb in the water and candles in the bathroom.

R: Rewarding: Spending time on self-care will be rewarding. You will feel relaxation.

T: Transformational: When you begin spending time on self-care, your emotional health will improve. You will know yourself better. When you set the right goal, you will be a better person for it.

Remember that sometimes the road to achieving success with your goal is winding. That is fine. As long as you keep working on your goal and make progress. Setting goals when you are going through a breakup can be difficult. Start with some easy goals. Some good goals are spending time on self-care, prayer or meditation, and going outside each day.

Warmly yours,