Divorce and life transitions coach.

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Deb Eastwood

Divorce Coach and Course Creator

Any of this sound familiar?

Your heart is broken, and you think you’ll never find love and happiness again.
You can’t eat. You can’t sleep.
And the mere thought of seeing your ex with someone else sends you into a whirlwind of anxiety and anger.
This, my love, is called the “Break-up Blues.” And it’s perfectly normal.

But here’s what I want you to know:

While it may hurt today and even months from now, time will eventually heal your broken heart.
And I’m here to help you do the rest …
Before I tell you how, please allow me to introduce myself.
I’m Deb Eastwood, a life transitions coach with 20 years’ experience teaching psychology. I’m also a certified divorce recovery coach whose own gut-wrenching divorce left me wading through mind-numbing pain for years.
Counseling put me on the path to healing, and I’m here to do the same for you. You can rely on me to help you:
  • Regain the self-confidence your divorce snatched away from you.
  • Overcome the fear of being alone after giving 10-plus years of your life to your significant other.
  • And, most importantly, reunite you with your “fun” self – the woman who loves hanging out, going to the gym and living every day to the fullest.
Now, I’m not saying this work will be easy, but nothing worth having ever is. You see, you deserve to dance in delight again. You deserve to enjoy life again. And you deserve to love and be loved again.
The first step to recovering from your breakup starts today. Click here to schedule a free Breakthrough Session with me. Together, we’ll begin the process of putting happiness were heartache once was.

Thinking About Breaking Up?

Do you think you might be heading to a divorce or break up? Complete a relationship analysis with me and we can discuss your options.

During the Break up

During a break-up, you may find yourself lacking support. Talking to your lawyer is expensive. A coach can bridge the gap and help you interpret what is going on legally, emotionally, and financially.

After the Break up

After you have experienced a break-up your self-esteem may be at historic lows. You can get stuck in grief and become bitter and angry. As your coach, I can help you process your grief and move on to the next chapter in your life. Together, we will discover the fun “you” again.